Garden Affair Wellness is a female founded company that was created on the belief that we can use the healing powers of herbal extracts to reconnect to the earth and our bodies. 

We use the healing properties of herbal extracts to combat the stresses of daily life and aid in elevating your well-being. Our Garden Affair tinctures cut no corners and pack potency into each 1-ounce bottle.

What are herbal tinctures?

Herbal tinctures have been around for millennia and are a key component of traditional herbal medicine. Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by soaking herbs and other plant parts in alcohol (or other solvents) for weeks to extract the active constituents.

We care about being a sustainable business and are focused on bringing you organic, high-quality herbal remedies with the ability to heal and boost your physical and mental well-being.



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